The fourth annual Credit Union Summit is scheduled to kick off on April 1- 4, 2019,  in Redmond Washington. The agenda for the summit is designed to benefit the business function heads as well as data analytics practitioners at Credit Union organizations. Finovera is a proud vendor at this year’s summit and ready to display how we are helping Credit Unions decrease Bill Pay costs and increase member engagement.

Company Description

Finovera transforms traditional Bill Pay systems from a cost center to profit center. By enabling CC payments (also ACH) and connecting to over 9,000+ billers, Bill Management becomes better for CUs and their members.

Offering Overview

Finovera helps financial institutions by giving their account holders the power and convenience to receive, manage and pay ALL bills in ONE place, increasing engagement and revenue. Bill Pay is an essential feature of mobile and online banking today. But it is a big expense for credit unions.

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