Personal Finance Podcasts

Personal Finance Podcasts

Podcasts can be the ultimate learning tool for people indulged into multitasking. You can make good use of the time you spend jogging, commuting or any such activity by increasing your knowledge in personal finance.

So, you want to learn but don’t know which podcasts are really useful. Whether you are new or an old pro looking for the latest tricks, check out these podcasts that have helped millions hone their personal finance skills.

1. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips

The Money Girl’s Quick & Dirty Tips by Laura Adams has short episodes that run for less than 10 minutes. It covers a wide variety of topics including budgeting, leveraged investments, online banking safety, mortgage short sales, tax tips, etc. Though Laura’s podcasts aren’t as detail oriented as some of the others, they are still jam-packed with actionable and useful information. If you want to skim, her site also has the transcripts of her shows.

2. NPR’s Planet Money

NPR’s Planet Money podcasts are known for their variety. Sometimes they get an expert who will reprise you of coupons, sometimes an internationally reputed economist to talk about macroeconomics, other times an expert will talk about tax policy, and yet other times a financial planner to teach you how to manage your money effectively.

I personally love their Economy and Color of Money podcasts, too.

3. The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey is one of the most reputed personalities in personal finance. The Dave Ramsey Show mainly focus on financial independence and debt reduction. Everyday, Dave hosts a call-in show on personal finance. The show switches between interviews with people who have achieved financial freedom using his system and actionable advice.

Dave allows one hour of his show as a free podcast every day, but if you want access to the whole thing, you have to pay for them.

4. The SuzeOrman Show

Suze Orman is undoubtedly one of the most recognized personal finance experts in the United States. The SuzeOrman Show offers valuable advice on managing your finances so that you can change your financial destiny. She helps you make a connection between your net worth and self worth.

5. APM’s Marketplace

You can hear the Marketplace on public radio stations across the United States. But it is also available in podcasts that feature guests like Barbara Ehrenreich and Suze Orman. Though it mostly covers business and economics, a lot of material is also related to personal finance.

Some of their topics include financial downsizing, money management skills for college freshman, simplifying quantitative easing so that a common man can understand it, and planning for a natural disaster.

6. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger is one of the country’s most popular business magazines. On every Tuesday, it posts a new podcast. Episodes are pretty short, most of them between 3 and 5 minutes. They target topics that interest baby boomers. Check out their archives that contain more than 50 past podcasts.

7. Money Guy

Brian Preston, a Georgia-based certified financial planner, is the guy behind the Money Guy podcast. Brian covers right from the basics to most advanced personal finance topics. He talks about a variety of financial topics including lowering your utility bills, trimming your budget, saving for the future, reducing debts, creating a retirement plan, comparing airfare costs, etc.

Listen to these podcasts and make the most out of your commute/jogging time by learning personal finance skills.  If you have a favorite podcast that’s not on this list, please leave a link in the comment below.